Gong Capital

The Gong Capital team, leaded by experts in technical, fiscal, legal, administrative, financial and commercial disciplines, seeks to acquire, manage, develop and reposition value-add, highly profitable and income-generating real estate commercial properties.
Extensive underwriting experience and strong relationships throughout the industry allow Gong Capital to make acquisitions and investments (mainly value add - opportunistic deals) representing always the best interests of its investors and partners.

After the property acquisition, through share deals, NPL secured acquisitions or real estate pure transactions, Gong Capital enhances it developing specific strategies aimed at increasing its value and improving its performance.

These strategies can include repositioning, innovative redesign, aggressive capital improvement campaigns and intensive asset management efforts.
Gong Capital also evaluates strategic acquisitions of building plots or areas to be upgraded.

Main activities

real estate companies' share acquisitions
real estate acquisitions
non-performing loans acquisitions (NPL secured)
building renovation project management

2018 Asset class Gong Capital investments:

2018 Gong Capital investment types: